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This is the primary Discipleship Ministry Team. We transitioned away from the term “Sunday School” in order to better define what this Team does. A primary function of this group is to study the Word of God, the Bible.  However, the Life Connection Groups also live their lives together.  As our church has grown it has become imperative that we multiply our relationships with one another.  Our average attendance has increased by 100 people in the last 2 years and as our church grows it is essential we stay connected.  We desire that every member of the church and every guest join a Life Connection Group.  You do not have to be a member of the church to start attending a group.  Currently all of our groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45.  We are always looking for opportunities to start new groups if a particular group would work better meeting at a time other than Sunday morning.  If that would interest you please let one of our leaders know. The following is a list of groups to consider looking into. 

Life Connection Groups

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