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Worship Team

In 2015 our church made a commitment to creating a blended worship ministry in order to allow all generations to worship the Lord.  As time has passed our ministry tends to be more contemporary in style but we still include elements of more traditional worship such as ancient hymns and more modern hymns from the 20th century. All of our Team members are volunteers but are very talented. Some have been playing and singing for years while others are just learning to play.  We also have an A/V and creative media team which handles the sound and technology side of worship.  Our team meets on Sunday mornings for rehearsal at 8:30 with occasional mid-week practices to incorporate new songs. The Team also periodically travels to concerts together.  We plan to establish a Student Led Worship Team in the future. Please plan to use your musical and technical gifts for the Lord. 

Jon Hills

Worship Pastor and Worship Ministry Team Leader

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