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Seekers Ministry

The Seekers Ministry goal is to be an active, vital part of our Church's ministry and outreach to the lost.

We do strive to provide members of our church family age 50 and above, a place and opportunity to minister and serve. We will strive to assure members that they are needed and loved.

The Pastor will be kept informed of everything going on within this group, invited to all meetings, and the group will not plan/carry out ministry or outreach activities without his approval. The Seekers Ministry Group leader (Eddie Willie) will be responsible for keeping the Pastor updated regarding the group's activities.

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Adventures Team

Trip planning. Research the details of planned outings. Scheduling of trips throughout the year with input from Seekers Group leader and Pastor. Coordinates outings/trips with Church calendar.

Fellowship Team

Responsible for planning of regular Fellowships. Coordinates all of the details. Ex. location, theme, needs.

Projects Team

Directory. At this time, the Projects Team is still in the formative phase. Additional responsibilities and goals will be added as we move forward.

Reaching Team

Plans ministry outreach projects for Seekers group, as well as encouraging Seekers to participate in Churchwide Ministry efforts. Organize outreach to homebound members, those in nursing homes, members who are ill, etc.

Logistics Team

Works in conjunction with all other teams to provide the tangible/ hands on necessary for events. Ex. equipment, supplies, transportation, location, etc. to make it happen.

Clerical Team

Gets events announced and provides updates to Seekers Group and Church family. Handles communication and correspondence within the Seekers Group. (Possibly a regular newsletter,or insert in our weekly newsletter.) Keeps calendar of events updated and accurate, and Seekers aware of what's on the calendar.

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