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Prayer Ministry

We have a vibrant prayer ministry as we believe it to be the primary mode of fellowship with God other than studying His Word.  We have a two-fold ministry.  The primary function is the prayer chain.  Prayers can be emailed to or via the contact form below and you can be sure your prayer requests are taken to the Father by many people. 


You can join the prayer team either as a phone member where you will be called or texted with requests or via email. 


For this reason, if you have a need for prayer that you want to be prayed over only by the Lay Pastors and Deacons, you may specify in the request form below or else fill out the contact form on the newsletter provided by e-mail each Thursday or at the entrances on Sundays.  Drop the request in the offering plate or place it in the offering boxes at the entrances to the Sanctuary.  There's nothing too great or too small for prayer!


This is a ministry everyone should be connected with. Please consider joining.  Karla Durst leads this team.


Prayer Requests - Updates - Join 

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