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Cultural Connections

This Team has two specific purposes. One is to reach out into the community through missions to provide the church with an opportunity to meet physical needs in the community. The second is to ensure that the culture of the church is focused on the culture of heaven where every tribe and every nation will be represented. 


Specifically, this Team is designed to reach the Hispanic community with the gospel.  We utilize Spanish in our worship service and have Bible Studies en espanol.  In the future, we plan on have a specific preaching service in Spanish for our Spanish only speakers.  We have also offered Spanish and English language training and we have a group of Hispanic men who consistently take men fishing on the Llano River on Friday nights in order to build relationships with them. 


Mason County has a large Hispanic population but there is not a significant gospel witness to the Hispanic community. Please consider serving on this Team especially if you speak Spanish.

Marcelo Segura

Missions Pastor and Cultural Connections Ministry Team Leader

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